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Welcome to the EPD Playground

The EPD Playground is a standalone instance of an EPDG conform (Gesetzgebung Elektronisches Patientendossier) EPR platform.

It completes the existing available platforms by offering access without any security barrier, for a first discovery of the EPR world and for the realization of demonstrators of use cases with added value.

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End points & Transactions

The EPD Playground is provided by the Institute of Medical Informatics I4MI at the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, eHealth Suisse and the Swiss Post. It is running on a virtual machine hosted at BFH and is free to use. The end points and available transactions are documented under End points & Transactions.

The EPD Playground is aimed to experiment the connection of mHealth apps to the national EPR. The primary goal is to create and demonstrate use cases showing the benefit of integrating the EPR. To ease the connection to the EPD Playground, all authentication and authorisation hurdles – that a productive EPR instance enforces – have been disabled, so the access is straight forward and does not require the use of any access and authorization tokens.

To facilitate implementation, the Mobile Access Gateway has been developed, allowing the use of FHIR-based mHealth profiles. One instance of the Mobile Access Gateway is connected to the EPD Playground (see further down).

Demo Data

Demo organizations, healthcare providers and patients are listed under Demo Data. These demo data are intended to be permanent and will be extended in the context of the realization of use cases.

Mobile Access Gateway

The Mobile Access Gateway provides following FHIR-based profiles:

Transaction examples are provided to demonstrate how to access the EPD Playground using the Mobile Access Gateway. For SOAP transactions, see EPD by example from eHealth Suisse.

Swiss Implementation Guides

Among all brand new Swiss Implementation Guides, the mHealth profiles PIXm, PDQm and MHD specified in the implementation guide CH EPR mHealth might be tested against the EPD Playground.

Links to EPD Themes